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This manufacturing firm has two operating businesses; one manufactures printing equipment and associated supplies for directly printing on corrugated cases and the other manufactures coated stencils to be used for etching vehicle identification numbers on automobiles and for etching part numbers on metal machined parts where they need to be identified. The printing equipment business accounts for 75% of the company’s revenues. Both product lines serve very niche, stable markets and are manufactured in one location in Connecticut. Over the last 4 years, combined annual revenues have fluctuated between $2.7 and $2.9 million with associated Discretionary Earnings (owner cash flow) of between $325,000 and $400,000. This is both a good strategic opportunity for another manufacturing business operating in similar markets or an owner/operator that wishes to run a secure manufacturing business.

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The owners wish to retire and sell 100% of the business, but are willing to stay on for an appropriate period of time so that a proper transition can be effected.
This is contemplated as an Asset Sale where all assets of the Company will transfer over to the new owner(s) except for any cash on hand and accounts receivable incurred prior to closing. All liabilities and accounts payable incurred prior to closing will remain with the sellers.
Interested parties should complete the attached non-disclosure agreement and return it to VR Business Sales via email. Qualified parties will be presented with a detailed confidential business review on the Company.
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