New England, CT Business For Sale Listings

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Below is a partial listing of businesses for sale currently represented by VR Mergers & Acquisitions. We represent companies with annual revenues between $1 million and $25 million. For other New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut businesses for sale, please contact our office directly at 203-772-3773.

If you are a business owner looking to expand current operations through acquisitions, our team of M&A advisors can help you better define your search criteria and compile a list of truly qualified candidates. We have the expertise to assist in buying a business that is the right fit for you. Contact us for a confidential, no-obligation consultation on the next steps in your business acquisition search.

Aerial Mapping & Engineering Services Firm
Nassau County, New York
This well known digital aerial mapping and engineering services has been in operation with the current owner since 1972 and offers services in three main areas: image processing, digital mapping & survey project services, and geographic information systems (GIS).
Equipment Manufacturer
This manufacturing firm has two operating businesses; one manufactures printing equipment and associated supplies for directly printing on corrugated cases and the other manufactures coated stencils to be used for etching vehicle identification numbers on automobiles and for etching part numbers on metal machined parts where they need to be identified. Both product lines serve very niche, stable markets and are manufactured in one location in Connecticut. This is both a good strategic opportunity for another manufacturing business operating in similar markets or an owner/operator that wishes to run a secure manufacturing business.
Precision Deep Drawn Metal Parts Manufacturer
New England
Founded in 1971, the company manufactures precision deep drawn metal parts primarily for aerospace, defense and automotive markets. Almost all required tooling is manufactured by company personnel. All major clients have been customers for at least 15 years. The manufacturer has consistent, tightly bound revenues ranging between $1.75 and $1.8 million per year with an adjusted Ebitda between $700k and $800k. The land and building are available separately.
School for Financial Asset Trading
The franchise location is a school that trains individuals to trade in financial instruments on-line for their own account. The franchisor has been in business since 1997 but franchising since 2005 with over 42 locations globally. The Connecticut based franchise was started in 2008. Instruction is conducted in the franchises state of the art classrooms and also on-line for students that can’t attend.
Self-Managed Transmission & Auto Repair Business
New Haven County, CT
This is an independently owned and operated franchise location that has been operating for approximately 32 years and over the last three years has generated average revenues and owner cash flow of $980,000 and $242,000 respectively.
Staffing Agency
New England
This well-known staffing agency provides temporary staffing for engineering and technical positions at manufacturing companies and for support staff at law firms. The firm maintains consistent revenues, fluctuating between $1.3 and $1.4 million over the last three years with strong owner cash flow of between $305,000 to $390,000 during the same period.
Wholesale Specialty Products Distributor
$1,210,000 (3 Yr. Average)
VR Business Sales of New Haven is representing a wholesale distributor of niche, specialty products in a regulated market. As one of the few licensed distributors, it has a dominant and protected position in Connecticut. The firm maintained consistent revenues of $1.2 million over the last three years with strong owner cash flow of $299,000 during the same period.