No one exudes passion and commitment more than our very own Devon Fleming.  She’s the perfect blend of finance and marketing you’ll ever meet to get a business deal done.

Devon Fleming
Devon FlemingBusiness Intermediary

Devon Fleming joined our local team in 2015, quickly becoming a Top 10 Producer among over 50 VR Business Sales offices worldwide.  Her success is of little surprise, given her background with over two decades of finance, sales and marketing experience.  Devon spent a dozen years on Wall Street working for Mike Bloomberg and Dillon Read, followed by another decade as an entrepreneur in media and management consulting.  Through her work with hundreds of firms, she has contributed to regional media, acted as management consultant to principals in numerous capacities, and provided marketing and management consulting to luxury brands, financial services, media and non-profits.  Devon is known for publishing four books, regional “zagat-style” resource guides.  Her passion for empowering women in business keeps her active in numerous, family-oriented philanthropic initiatives in lower Connecticut.  Devon enjoys spending time with her family, volunteering at her favorite animal shelter and blogging about being a “Household CEO”.  As a Business Intermediary, she specializes in engineering consulting, distribution, business services, graphic arts and women-owned businesses in the NYC/CT region.