The VR Global Headquaters has announced 2015 award winners, including Jeff Swiggett, CBI, M&AMI, VR MVI Award - Jeff 2015 topof VR Business Sales New Haven.  Jeff received the highest honor of Most Valuable Intermediary and was ranked the number one VR Office Owner for commissions earned in 2015.  He was the number one VR Top Producer for the third quarter and number three for the fourth quarter of 2015.

“As an advocate to the entrepreneur and a previous business owner, Jeff has been able to advise his clients on how to exit their companies with the greatest benefit.  His professional approach has been complimented by clients, admired by his team and competitors, and has earned him the reputation as a trusted business advisor in his community.”  VR Global Headquarters

Through Jeff’s leadership, his office provided exceptional merger and acquisition advisory services to companies in Connecticut, Southern New England, and Metro NY, ranking third in commissions earned for all VR Offices in 2015.  Read the full VR awards announcement here.

Top Office Owners 2015

VR Victory Awards Q4 2015 Centurion Award Q4 2015 Top Producers Q4 2015